Music Makers

"MUSIC MAKERS" - The first book of photographs by John Hester.


Music Makers showcases more than twenty years of John's photographs of musicians, from legends to street performers.

Music Makers



Praise for Music Makers

“Art tells stories.
Art gives voice to the things unsaid.
Music. Paintings. Graphics. Photography. Art.
Enjoy this subject as seen through the eyes of my friend and artist with the camera, John Hester.”
Joe Orlando - The Cryers

“From everyday street musicians to music legends, whether onstage or backstage, John captures the moment with such artistry that he makes you feel as if you are there, up close and personal.”
Paul Saltzman - Filmmaker, Photographer, Author of The Beatles in India

“John Hester’s photography captures the very essence of a performer’s passion. The joys, the struggles and the exhilaration of musical achievement are all reflected within these pages.”
Jimmy McElligott - Rock Guitarist & Vocalist (Genya Ravan/ Dive Bar Romeos/ Johnny & The Mob)